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Energetic Armour!

Defend Against Energy Vampires

Ever felt drained after spending time with certain people? Welcome to this week's blog – Energetic Armour!

In a world that is filled with diverse energies, it's essential to safeguard your own.

Recognise the signs of energy vampires – those who leave you feeling depleted, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Awareness is the first step in protecting your energy and once you start to notice how your energy is affected by other people you can use this awareness to your advantage, maximising time spent with people who lift you up, and minimising time spent with those who bring you down.

Power Ups: How To Protect Yourself

  1. 🌈 Set your boundaries like a superhero. Clearly define what's acceptable and what's not. It's your energy fortress, and you decide who gets access.

  2. 🔮 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most energised of them all? Reflect on your interactions, and when you feel the energy vampires lurking, take a moment to recharge your positivity in a way that feels good for you maybe a walk, some box breathing or listening to your favourite tunes.

  3. 🚫 Release the guilt! It's okay to distance yourself from those who drain your energy. This isn't about being mean; it's about self-preservation.

  4. Tune in to your superhero intuition. It's your internal warning system. If something feels off, trust it. Your intuition is your superpower.

Activation Sequence:

  1. Start your day with an energy shield. Picture a protective bubble surrounding you, deflecting negativity and only allowing positivity to penetrate.

  2. Arm yourself with empowering affirmations. Repeat them like a mantra. Positive self-talk is your invisible shield against energy-draining attacks.

  3. Social media can be a breeding ground for energy vampires. Limit exposure to negativity, unfollow toxic accounts, and curate a positive online environment.

  4. Surround yourself with allies who uplift and inspire. Seek out those who radiate positivity; their energy becomes an additional layer of protection.

Remember, being an energy guardian isn't about building walls; it's about fostering a space that nurtures you and your well-being. By implementing these strategies, you're not just protecting your energy; you're protecting you! What you can achieve and what you bring to all the other people in your life is adversely affected by energy stealers - so protect yourself and be the best version of you.

Jamie x 🌟🦸‍♀️✨

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