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Classes & Community

Group of empowered women standing together at the end of a Boxercise class, displaying camaraderie and accomplishment


More Than Just A Fitness Class

7 years ago, I lit the flame that is Warrior Women 🔥, a fitness tribe deeply rooted in our local community. 🌟 In the heart of Billericay, I lead inclusive face-to-face classes, with a fierce focus on Boxercise and my unique blend of martial arts & strength training 🥊

My sessions aren't just about fitness; they're a transformative journey, creating confidence, strength, and resilience in every warrior woman who joins us.

But we don't stop there! 💪🏽

Together, we rally for a cause close to our hearts, passionately fundraising for Changing Pathways, a local charity aiding victims of domestic violence. This year, our collective spirit soared as we conquered Scafell Pike, raising over £9000 to support Changing Pathways' vital mission. 🏔️💖

Warrior Women isn't just a fitness group; it's a sisterhood, an unbreakable community forged through sweat, determination, and shared purpose. 🤝 Let's continue empowering each other to be the best versions of ourselves, both inside and outside the gym! 🚀

Drop me an email for your free trial class and join us today! 

#WarriorWomenStrong #CommunityPassion #FitnessWithPurpose

Motivated fitness class participants gather at the base of Scafell Pike, ready to embark on a charitable climb, showcasing unity and determination for a worthy cause

Over £9000 raised in 2023

In an incredible display of strength, our Warrior Women community fitness group conquered new heights in 2023, raising over £9000 for Changing Pathways. Picture this: a team of 24 fearless women taking on the challenge of Scafell Pike. For over 8 hours, we battled through scrambles, steep descents, and howling winds, scaling the 978m mountain to fulfil our dream and support this fantastic cause! 🏔️💪 The journey wasn't just physical; it was a statement of our collective determination and commitment to making a difference. Warrior Women: not just a fitness group, but a force for positive change! 🌟

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