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PIcture of Jamie Mckagan


Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant, Group Fitness Instructor, Sports Massage Therapist and Reflexologist.


FITNESS.....has quite literally, transformed my life. 

Now, I help others transform theirs.

Here is my story...

I was 13 years old. It was a sunny Saturday morning and my best friend Alex and I set off from my house to walk the short distance to our local sweet shop. We had only made it a 100 yards or so when suddenly, BOOM! A wave of

sickness engulfed me, my heart pounded, I began to sweat, I felt faint and it was difficult to breathe. 

That was my first panic attack, and they didn't stop. That day changed my life forever.

What followed was 23 years of a panic disorder with agoraphobia as a secondary complication that remained undiagnosed for decades.

My disorder at times has been so severe that I have had multiple panic attacks throughout the day and night. Spending weeks at a time unable to leave the house.  There is so much to write, about panic and agoraphobia, the devastating impact it has on your physical and mental health as well as the social, economic and financial factors. It was truly, truly awful to feel that unwell for such a long time that I'm not even sure it can be put into words.

Picture of a young girl


They say in life you need either inspiration or desperation to make a change and at 36 years old I encountered both. I was at the lowest point in my life to date, housebound again, with no friends and no support. I think the way to put it best, is that I felt there was no hope left. When late one evening, into my mind fell an idea, and that idea gave me a feeling, and that feeling was hope.  Where this idea came from I still to this day have no idea...But it was to learn a martial art, and google revealed there was a Ju-jitsu club, just a few hundred yards up the road. Clicking the button I booked a free trial, not really knowing if I would actually be able to make it, but I did.

Picture of a young woman
Picture of a jujitsu club


For that two hour long class I had no panic, nothing at all but me and the movement.  The relief of not feeling unwell, even if just for two hours, was so immense I walked to the car in tears. Hooked, I went back twice a week without fail and gradually my panic not only receded during the class, but outside too. What I came to realise was that movement itself was the key to controlling my panic disorder and that started me on my own fitness journey.

I immersed myself in all types of fitness from home workouts to gym sessions to other martial arts before finally deciding to train as an instructor and coach myself.

It has been nothing short of a complete transformation of my life, health and happiness.

I believe in the power of movement to help YOU achieve YOUR goals whether that be weight loss, general fitness, feeling more confident or anything in-between.


After 12 years of learning about fitness, nutrition, life coaching and mindset plus 23 years of learning about the mind, which ultimately controls everything.  I have created and built a space where you can become the healthiest and fittest version of yourself, using all my knowledge to create a system of fitness that works to deliver you results.  I specialise in women's health, fat loss, strength training and mindset. 

Join me in my Jamie Mckagan Fitness App where I bring you daily workouts, recipes, programs to follow for specific goals, such as my 14 days to a fitter you, mindset tips and advice on how to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

My 360 approach to fitness ensures that your training is balanced, productive and results driven all delivered in a positive space where you can feel free to be yourself, dream big and make your body and mind work for YOU! 

You’ve heard my fitness journey now start your own…..

Jamie xxx

Picture of Jamie Mckagan
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